DevOps Engineer


The Platform Engineering Team at Ground Labs is a brand new team whose twofold mission is both ensure the maintenance of the highest quality of our commercial product while at the same time improving the velocity of our engineering team. Deploying a cross-functional skill set of application development and systems engineering, this team collaborates with our QA and product development teams to implement automated testing solutions as well as sophisticated CI pipelines. This is a great opportunity for a talented and versatile engineer to lead a new team that will have an immense impact on our business.
You will be joining at an exciting time in our automation journey, with a hybrid deployment using both cloud-native solutions on AWS and an on-premises footprint.


• You will be an evangelist for DevOps which is at the heart of the transformation taking place across the company
• Collaborate with development and QA teams to improve the SDLC using a combination of technical and soft skills
• Build scalable, secure and resilient systems
• Own your solutions from conception to production
• Use this opportunity to make a mark and deliver lasting benefits to your team and the company as a whole


To successfully deliver in this role, you will need 5+ years of industry experience, a background and proven track record in the following key areas:

• All-around knowledge of AWS as a platform, with a focus on networking, authentication & authorisation, provisioning, developer tools, containers and serverless
• Production experience in DevOps with exposure to practices, tools and techniques across the SDLC, including source code management, build, testing, deployment and operations
• Seasoned programmer that is comfortable solving problems in a polyglot environment, including on the command-line, as well as in static and dynamic languages
• Ability to assist the lead in mentoring junior team members

Experience in the following is considered a plus:-

• Python, C++, Golang
• CloudFormation, Terraform
• macOS, FreeBSD, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX
• Agile, SRE, DevSecOps, Chaos Engineering
• Hacking

About Ground Labs
It started back in 2007 with two software industry friends discussing the idea of creating solutions for the Payment Card Industry (PCI). Being techies, they wanted their core focus to be on using their engineering capabilities to create something special. This led them to the development of an industry leading and powerful new way to search and remediate for sensitive data across organizations’ digital environments and help them comply with their legal requirements and mitigate from external and internal threats.
Fast forward 12 years, Ground Labs has grown from that core concept to be the best in the world at enabling companies and institutions to find and remediate sensitive and business critical data. Our success has come from our two biggest assets; our code and our employees, this is why we have the customers we have and market recognition. Without these two special factors, we would not be the sensitive data discovery software experts we are today. We want you to be part of our continued success story.
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