Enterprise Recon 2.0.30

ER 2.0.30 Release Notes


For a complete list of all the changes in this release, see the Changelog below.

Improved Support for Masking Remediation

The Enterprise Recon 2.0 software is designed to prioritise the discovery function. Given a fixed amount of processing resources available (e.g. memory), ER2 takes a conservative approach when storing scan data, balancing the amount of information stored for each match location in terms of match details, contextual data and metadata.

While effective in most use cases, the current implementation may not work well in situations where users attempt to perform "Masking" remediation for locations that contain an enormous number of matches in each file. This is because to safely and successfully mask locations, ER2 requires sufficient match detail information, including the offset, length and sample for each matched pattern.

With the Match Detail advanced option in ER 2.0.30 , you now have control over the quantity of match information captured for each scan. Instead of a blanket setting, this feature allows you to fine-tune the level of match detail captured according to your Masking requirement. Using the maximal detail setting, customers can expect to store and safely mask-remediate up to 100x more matches per file than the previous default setting.

See Match Detail for more information.


What’s New?

  • Added:
    • ER 2.0.30 introduces the Match Detail advanced option, giving you control over the quantity of match information captured for each scan. With this feature, you can set up ER2 to store the maximal level of match detail, contextual data and metadata for each match location to safely and successfully perform "Masking" remediation on the resulting matches. See Match Detail for more information.


  • Improved Features:
    • Enabled Delete Permanently, Quarantine and Encrypt File remedial actions for read-only files on Windows platforms.
    • Improved support for resuming Oracle database scans if the Oracle database server was restarted during the scan pause window.
    • Clearer messaging for errors related to running system services on the Master Server.
    • Minor UI enhancements.

Bug Fixes

  • The Target Details page incorrectly displayed a "Masked" status for .MSG files even though remediation did not complete successfully.
  • In certain scenarios, attempting to perform masking remediation on a match location may cause a "Caught platform exception" error.
  • Some file content may be missed when scanning Hadoop Distributed File Systems targets. The Hadoop module in ER2 has also been updated for improved performance with respect to memory consumption.
  • Changes made to a user's login name does not get updated correctly in the Master Server.
  • The TARGETS and Target Details page did not display the match information for IBM Notes Target locations if (i) a path was specified without any options when setting up the scan, or (ii) the "partition" option was specified after the path string when adding the Target location. See IBM Notes for more information.
  • Fixed licensing issues for Exchange Domain and Office 365 email Targets.

  • Databases on the non-default Microsoft SQL Server instance could not be probed or scanned successfully.

  • If a new credential set was assigned to a Target from the "Start Search" flow when only a subset of Target locations were selected for the scan, the new credential set did not take effect and did not apply to the scan schedule.
  • An error would be generated if data type filters were selected when attempting to perform partial remediation on match locations.
  • The Global Summary Report did not indicate the correct number of Unscanned and Compliant Targets.

  • Users with only Detailed Reporting permissions for a Target were unable to view detailed information about match locations in the Web UI.
  • No alert or emails were triggered for a Target that had not been scanned for a specific number of days even though the "Target Not Scanned" notification was configured for the Target.
  • An error would be triggered when testing new Mail Transfer Agent settings, or when setting up email notifications for scan schedules. This issue only occurred when accessing the Web UI using certain web browsers.

Features That Require Agent Upgrades

Agents do not need to be upgraded along with the Master Server, unless you require the following features in ER 2.0.30:

  • N/A

For a table of all features that require an Agent upgrade, see Agent Upgrade.