By: Mike Dautner

Ground Labs, a global security software company that assists organizations locate and secure sensitive data across the enterprise, announced today Enterprise Recon 2.0

The solution scans for 100 different data points and personally identifiable information, which allows organizations to protect important information at every endpoint without having to rely on antiquated perimeter security methods.

The demand is apparent for a method of tracking information that can compromise security and compliance.

Employees have the tendency to unwittingly store sensitive data in many unsecured locations within local and network storage, professional email accounts, and the cloud.

As a result, it complicates efforts to comply with increasingly enforced regulations. Of these regulations, HIPAA, PCI DSS and the GDPE, are included.

They affect every company that conducts their business in the European Union.

“Every day, PII and other sensitive information is leaked or stolen because organizations cannot keep track of all their data,” says John Wethington, VP of Americas, Ground Labs. “Enterprise Recon 2.0 digs deep into the IT environment to recover the hidden data and provide options on how to deal with it properly.”

The Enterprise Recon 2.0 system offers a highly accurate and intuitive scanning capability that is compatible with a variety of platforms, file formats, and target types.

This includes local and network storage, email accounts, the cloud and Office 365.

“Helping businesses secure their sensitive data is both our niche and our specialty,” says Wethington. “Organizations often find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer number of security checks they need to put in place to meet compliance standards or stay secure. But the immediate solution is clear: find out what hackers want, and keep it away from them. Ground Labs is based on this premise, providing a simple solution to a previously insurmountable problem.”

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