"FreeBSD is a solid platform for mail servers, web servers, firewalls, and other critical network systems. These platforms handle high volumes of sensitive data secure and require a data centric security approach," said Stephen Cavey, the Director of Corporate Development for Ground Labs. "There is a common theme of security and robustness between FreeBSD and our software, which is why we believe FreeBSD support is a natural fit for our entire product portfolio."

Ground Labs security software products, Card Recon, Enterprise Recon and Data Recon, are supported on a total of seven operating systems: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Solaris, AIX, HPUX and FreeBSD.

Since 2010 when FreeBSD support was first available, upgraded versions of Card Recon and Enterprise Recon have been released, which also offer support for the platform. In addition, Data Recon, a product designed for global privacy and data security laws, has been launched with immediate support for FreeBSD enabling detection of 95 different types of sensitive data.

The next major release of Enterprise Recon is currently in development, and will also feature support for a variety of modern FreeBSD versions.

Erwin Lansing, the vice president of the board of the FreeBSD Foundation, welcomes Ground Labs' continued support for FreeBSD. "FreeBSD is used in many mission-critical environments, including large hosting providers and payment providers. With the current focus on data security, we are pleased to have the continued support of Ground Labs' security products to ensure FreeBSD not only is a robust and reliable operating system, but also a secure and compliant platform for those environments."

Mr. Cavey shares similar sentiments towards the importance of the relationship. "The reason FreeBSD is used on so many important network systems is its unquestionable reliability. However, like any other platform, it is not immune to humans misconfiguring it, or independent developers writing software that inappropriately leaks sensitive data. Ground Labs software adds an additional layer of security to FreeBSD, by identifying and removing the sensitive data hackers are attempting to steal. We are proud to continue supporting this platform, and commend the FreeBSD team for creating something that outperforms many commercial operating systems with several times the resources supporting it."

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