SAN FRANCISCO, March 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- American businesses struggle to deal with the very real threat of data breaches- last year, 80% of them reported that their networks had been broken into.

A key element of IT security strategy in today's threat landscape is the focus securing sensitive data, such as credit cards, and other Personally Identifiable Information (PII). As such, many businesses are discovering the urgent need to manage this data on their systems.

To meet this market demand, Ground Labs offers Enterprise Recon, a sensitive data management tool that helps businesses find and secure sensitive data over their entire network.

It was a product that they showcased front and center at the recent RSA USA Conference 2016, which took place at the Moscone Center, San Francisco.

Visitors to the Ground Labs stand had the opportunity to learn how a modernised approach to security using a data centric approach can reduce risk in a shorter time frame. In practical terms, traditional methods of focusing on keeping hackers out through perimeter based technologies has proven to be future given data breaches continued to increase.

Instead, it is equally important to focus on where all your sensitive data is, and validating that such data is not stored unprotected where cybercriminals can access it.

"We're now living in an era where every second of every day, customer and employee data records are lost or stolen from companies of all sizes," said Stephen Cavey, Ground Labs Director of Corporate Development.

"The question any organization that stores, processes or transmits customer and employee information must ask itself is: are you properly monitoring how and where such sensitive data handled?"

Live demos of Enterprise Recon were provided to broad variety of organisations attending RSA who, were also offered exclusive free trials of the software to test on their own environments.

The Ground Labs software works by first scanning a cloud, database, or email server for sensitive data. Anything found can then be easily removed or encrypted.

Enterprise Recon is different from traditional DLP solutions based on its ability to manage data across an entire network without extensive configuration. Out of the box include regular lightweight scanning, real-time alerts, role delegation, and global reporting across 100 types of sensitive data. The approach taken by Enterprise Recon makes it easy for companies to not only secure their data, but also monitor their systems and prevent further unnecessary data storage.


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