As a PCI DSS level 1 certified organisation, Paycorp maintains security of payment card information as it's highest priority. We believe that as part of maintaining PCI compliance it is critical to continually monitor for traces of unprotected payment card information within our systems. Card Recon from Ground Labs has been integral in enabling us to achieve this task with a level of detail that we didn't know was possible.

Paycorp evaluated Card Recon and found it to outperform other alternatives in accuracy, speed and system utilisation during a scan. Card Recon was also easy to run across all system types we maintain including Windows and Linux based platforms.

We found Card Recon to be well designed and very powerful whilst remaining straight forward to use. Paycorp used both the GUI and command line versions of Card Recon and found the XML configuration file option invaluable to execute scans across multiple servers with the same settings remotely. This particular option saved my team valuable time which more than justified the investment in this software. Our PCI QSA has also benefited in our use of Card Recon as we are able to promptly produce storage compliance reports which has reduced the level of effort required during our annual PCI on-site review.

Paycorp have found the software runs with such a small system resource impact that we had no issues in deploying Card Recon on live production systems. We confirm the statements made by Ground Labs on this sensitive issue to be true with no noticeable impact occurring on any of our systems or the mission critical service we provide to customers.

We have been amazed at the depth of scanning Card Recon performs and the unexpected places where it is able to detect cards. Without a doubt Card Recon is a very effective PCI compliance software tool for any organisation looking to find stored credit card data.

Paycorp highly recommends this product for any organisation who must achieve and maintain PCI Compliance.

Joel Duckworth
Head of Technology
Paycorp Payment Solutions

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