Critical Data Discovery by Ground Labs

Providing visibility of all critical data wherever it is stored, Ground Labs’ award-winning data discovery solutions deliver streamlined data management capabilities for security, privacy and compliance.

For Privacy

Comply with worldwide
privacy and data
protection regulation

For Security

Identify and protect critical
data assets

For Visibility

Centralize oversight for
critical data management

For the Cloud

Retain visibility of valuable
data during migration and
within cloud ecosystems

More Data + More Places =
More Problems

Organizations are handling more data than ever before across increasingly diverse environments.

Up to 90% of business data is unstructured and almost 50% is stored in the cloud. Operating in a landscape where breaches are “when” not “if” and faced with increasingly complex regulatory obligations, protecting data has never been more challenging.

Data Discovery Starts Here

Data Discovery Is The Foundation of Compliance

Add to this the fact that compliance regulations continue to emerge as cybercriminals increase their sophistication, and organizations have a massive problem on their hands.

Discover Enterprise Recon

Visibility and control of the data you value with Enterprise Recon

Enterprise Recon is a smart data discovery solution by Ground Labs that enables organizations to find and remediate personally identifiable information (PII) and sensitive information across the broadest range of structured and unstructured data whether it’s stored across servers, on desktops, email and databases, on-prem and in the cloud.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

City West Water
Jackson College
Sydney Airport
WYM Resorts
Organizations today need to be aware of what data they handle, where they store it and what controls they have to protect it. Ground Labs develops products that fit this requirement. The tools are easy to use yet provide incredibly valuable information that can be acted on for further analysis or remedial efforts. The applications support most popular operating systems, databases and also a number of online applications.
Murray Goldschmidt - COO

Sense of Security
In this time and age, we need to double-check some products findings, Enterprise Recon is one of the products I trust and use to double-check other products’ findings.
Willem Hardijzer - Information Systems Security Officer

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