Data is the world’s most valuable resource.

Data is a business' greatest asset — and its greatest potential liability and risk. Its growth is exponential.


Every second, 127 new devices are connected to the Internet.


The total amount of data created will grow 10x by 2025.


60 percent of data will be created and managed by businesses.

What don't you know about your most valuable asset?

What about the data you don't know you have? What's it worth?
What risks does it bring? What is the impact of that risk?

Use a Data Discovery Tool to Find Out

More Data + More Places = More Problems.

Digitalization. IOT. AI. Cloud. BYOD. Remote employees. Multiple storage solutions. Mergers. Acquisitions. Partnerships. Your organization’s data can be anywhere — how can you discover it, remediate it, become/remain compliant and mitigate risk?

Non-Compliance Isn’t An Option.

GDPR. CCPA. CPRA. PDPA. HIPAA. LGPD. PCI DSS. PIPEDA. Australian Data Privacy. CDPA. Privacy Act 2020 (New Zealand data privacy law). PDPB.

In today’s global economy the alphabet-soup of data privacy regulations continues to grow — each year, more regions and more industries enact new rules that require compliance.

Regulations enacted in just one state, one country, or one industry impact organizations worldwide. You need to stay compliant – and prove it.

Non-Compliance Isn’t An Option.

Data Discovery Starts Here.


Ground Labs’ Enterprise Recon helps organizations find and remediate personal and sensitive information, whether it is stored across servers, desktops, email, and databases, both on prem and in the cloud. Ground Labs’ proprietary award-winning data discovery software enables you to achieve your compliance goals and discover and secure all sensitive information.

Prove Your Compliance

Ground Labs takes the guesswork out of compliance. Our solutions empower organizations to meet and adhere to an ever-changing state of global and regional regulations.

Woodforest National Bank is committed to earning and maintaining customer loyalty and trust. A cornerstone of earning loyalty and trust is protecting customer personal data. Utilizing our partnership with Ground Labs enables us to go beyond our PCI DSS obligations and categorize all PII data across our organization. This ensures we know where personal and sensitive data resides across our infrastructure ecosystem, so we can maintain our commitments to our customers and meet our regulatory obligations.
Woodforest National Bank
Marc Crudgington, MBA - CISO, SVP Information Security
After exhaustive due diligence and market alliance we choose to partner with Ground Labs for meeting our PCI DSS obligations, through unmatched accuracy. Based off their expansive data discovery features in Enterprise Recon we’re also able to meet our growing needs for PII as well.
Angel Galvez Caballero - Global IT Security Head
Organizations today need to be aware of what data they handle, where they store it and what controls they have to protect it. Ground Labs develops products that fit this requirement. The tools are easy to use yet provide incredibly valuable information that can be acted on for further analysis or remedial efforts. The applications support most popular operating systems, databases and also a number of online applications.
Sense of Security
Murray Goldschmidt - COO

Awards We’ve Won

Ensure Compliance. Earn Trust.

Your customers, employees and suppliers trust you with vast amounts of data.

Their data. Credit card numbers. Healthcare histories. Addresses and mobile phone numbers. Buying preferences. That data holds tremendous value — and incredible risk.

Your customers believe their data is being handled responsibly. Proven otherwise — they could no longer be your customer.

Trust is built over time — and yet can be shattered instantly. Treating data as a component of trust and addressing data risk, known and unknown, helps maintain that trust.

Companies That Trust Ground Labs

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Woodforest National Bank
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It’s Time to Find Your Data

Whether you’re running a single machine or 100,000 systems, Ground Labs has the proven, trusted technology to help you discover all your data and meet evolving compliance regulations.