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We're all living the dream. We’re doing what we love and making a difference around the world. We create powerful software to help customers fend off the bad guys and protect sensitive data. Our passion drives us to excel and continually make our products better and better (and better!).

After all, if you're not passionate about something, why do it?


Our founders are technical guys trying to solve a very specific problem: how to find sensitive data and then make it unstealable. As their solution went global, more and more tech-minded people joined in on their goal to reduce sensitive data theft.

When you walk through our hallways, you might hear casual conversations about the latest DIY micro-robot, the best local eating places or the classic Android vs Apple debate. Or you might see us enjoying a beer on a Friday afternoon while making references to favourite scenes from War Games, Glengarry Glen Ross and many other movies. It’s all about doing what we love, and loving what we do.


We focus on leaders, not managers. Leaders are people who know how to get things done by mentoring and educating others. You won't find any mid-level, generically trained managers around here. Instead, you’ll find talented individuals who know how to get stuff done and love to share their knowledge.


Our dispersed (but united) team covers three time zones: Austin (GMT-6), Dublin (GMT 0) and Singapore (GMT+8). This gives our products a local face to make customers happy, and it makes for a more interesting workplace. We sleep well, knowing the combined efforts of our team members continue through the night to make our products and company even stronger.


If you're the kind of person who thinks outside of the box, enjoys continually learning new things, and likes to spend time with engaging colleagues during and after work hours, then we might be the right fit for you (and you for us!).

Even if we don't have the ideal job for you right now, please connect with us on social media. Then you’ll be the first to know when we have an opportunity for you to become the next member of our fantastic team!

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If you think you have that special something that is required to become a part of our team, then consider Ground Labs for your next career move.

We may not have the perfect job for you right now, but please follow us on social media to keep up to date with any new job postings that might suit you. We are continually expanding our team and are constantly on the lookout for talented new people to become a part of the Ground Labs family.

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