The Challenge:

Data is the lifeblood of any large enterprise — and its biggest asset. Five of the world’s six top publicly traded organizations are data companies; multi-billion dollar acquisitions are often made simply to acquire more data. Across the board, the amount of data stored doubles every four years and in the next three years, the world will create more data than it did in the past 30 years combined.

The global pandemic has forced businesses around the world to rapidly accelerate their digital transformation efforts. With more people working from home, we are seeing unparalleled levels of data creation and consumption. As a result of the pandemic, digital platforms have also become the top method for organizations to engage with customers.

Executive leadership and CISOs know that while increased data is a  big asset, it is also a huge liability. The next data breach is a matter of when, not if. Large enterprises need to manage their customer and employee data in order to remain compliant — so it is critical to understand where that data resides in order to secure it. The rise of remote and hybrid work due to the pandemic, combined with trends like BYOD and multi-cloud storage frameworks, mean your data can be almost anywhere — on your network, in the cloud or on an employee’s desktop.

Trusted by thousands of enterprise-scale businesses globally

Discover over 300 predefined and variant types of data, including PII types from all 27 EU countries in accordance with GDPR

Ensure compliance with GDPR, CCPA, PDPA, PCI DSS 4.0 and other regulations, including many regional and country-specific legislations

Since 2007, thousands of companies have trusted us to discover their sensitive and personal data, including Canadian Tire, Vodafone and 1-800-Flowers

The Solution:

Enterprise Recon by Ground Labs delivers advanced discovery, management and remediation capabilities for all critical data across on-prem and cloud environments.


Organizations Achieve Enterprise Compliance
with Ground Labs


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