Secure your customer and employee data and meet compliance regulations with Ground Labs

The Challenge:

Data is the lifeblood of any large enterprise — and its biggest asset. Five of the world’s six top publicly-traded organizations are data companies; multi-billion dollar acquisitions are made simply to acquire more data. The amount of data created each year will increase 10x by 2025, and 60 percent of it will be managed by businesses.

This huge asset is also a huge liability, and CISOs realize that the next data breach is a matter of when … not if. Large enterprises need to manage their customer and employee data in order to remain compliant — so it’s critical to understand where that data resides in order to secure it. Trends like BYOD, telecommuting and multi-cloud storage frameworks mean your data can be almost anywhere — on your network, in the cloud or on an employee’s desktop.

Trusted across multiple industries, including the world’s top airlines

Discover over 300 predefined and variant types of data, including PII types from all 28 EU countries in accordance with GDPR

Ensure compliance with GDPR, CCPA, PDPA, PCI DSS and other regulations with Enterprise Recon by Ground Labs

Thousands of companies trust us to discover their sensitive data, including Canadian Tire, Vodafone and 1-800-Flowers

The Solution:

Ground Labs helps you discover and remediate all of your data — on servers, on desktops and in the cloud.

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Corporations have data stored in so many locations that it is impossible to manually look for information. With the data security tool from Ground Labs, it makes the process easy and simple for organizations to search for data that is stored in a non-secure manner and take corrective actions to remediate it and secure the data.

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Ajay Unni - CEO