Streamlined data management for privacy, security and compliance

Enterprise Recon is Ground Labs’ award-winning data discovery solution packaged with on-demand remediation and data management capabilities, providing organizations maximum visibility and control of their most valuable data assets.

On-demand Discovery Scanning for Compliance

Bringing Clarity to Data Management

Unparalleled Scanning Abilities

Rapid Discovery for the Data That Matters

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Data made visible with GLASS Technology™

GLASS Technology™ is the quickest and most accurate discovery software on the market, enabling rapid data discovery, risk scoring, data classification and remediation-in-place across the broadest set of platforms.

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Market-leading data discovery for PCI DSS scoping and remediation

Targeted discovery, remediation and management solution for privacy and compliance

Enhanced visibility and integration capabilities offering streamlined data management for all critical data

Key Feature Differences
Pre-Configured PCI DSS Patterns
Full Pre-Configured Data Pattern List (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA)
Custom Customer Data Patterns
Agent, Agentless and Distributed Scanning
OCR and Audio Scanning
Complete data store scanning
Data Remediation
Role Based Access Control
Notification and Alerts
Installation assistance included
On-prem and Cloud enabled
Rest API
Investigate Page
ODBC Reporting
Delegated Remediation
Data Classification with MIP
Data Access Management
Risk Scoring and Labeling
Complimentary Proof-of-Concept

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