Enterprise Recon

Enterprise Recon

With Enterprise Recon by Ground Labs, organizations can find and remediate sensitive information across the broadest range of structured and unstructured data, whether it’s stored on your servers, on your employees’ devices, or in the cloud. Enterprise Recon enables organizations worldwide to seamlessly discover all of their data and comply with GDPR, PCI DSS, CCPA, HIPAA, Australian Privacy and other data security standards that require the ability to locate and secure PII data as well as information on gender, ethnicity and health… or even non-PII financial data. Enterprise Recon is powered by GLASS™, Ground Labs' proprietary technology that enables the quickest and most accurate data discovery across the broadest set of platforms available.

PII Scanning Software: Search across systems, across services

Enterprise Recon natively supports sensitive data discovery on Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, HP-UX and IBM AIX using agent and agentless options. Additional remote options also enable almost any network data stored to be searched including EBCDIC IBM mainframes.

PII Scanning Software: Search across systems, across services

Enterprise Recon can also discover data located in:

Cloud Storage Providers: Amazon AWS (S3), Microsoft Azure BLOBs/Tables/Queues, Dropbox (for individuals), Box Enterprise, Rackspace Cloud Files and OneDrive for Business

Databases / Servers: IBM DB2, IBM Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Dropbox Business, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SAP Sybase, Tibero, Teradata, InterSystems Caché 2.1+, Hadoop (a full list of databases can be found here)

Email: Exchange 2007+, GMail, HCL Notes, IMAP and Microsoft Office 365


Enterprise Recon can also discover data located in:
  • Identify more than 300 data types including predefined and variants that include sensitive, personal and confidential data from over 50 countries — credit cards, driver’s licenses, passports, names, addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, national IDs, health data and more.
  • Broaden your search with GLASS™ powered custom data types to discover sensitive data according to your unique requirements. Enterprise Recon comes ready to use with the largest number of PII and other sensitive or critical data types. When combined with its custom capabilities, you can create data types to meet even the most demanding internal data discovery requirements.
  • Scan immediately and fast thanks to a low-impact distributed design enabling co-existence with your company’s DLP solutions to complement and strengthen your data loss prevention strategy.
  • Go beyond identifying — remediate with comprehensive options — encrypt, mask, secure delete, quarantine — to quickly secure and eliminate all exposed sensitive data and achieve a true zero trust security posture.
  • Analyze — discovering your data is only the first step, go further with powerful risk and control module, pull custom reporting into Tableau, Power Bi and more.

Enterprise Recon comes in three versions: Enterprise Recon PCI, Enterprise Recon PII and Enterprise Recon Pro:

Enterprise Recon PCI — the go-to solution for those needing to manage and maintain PCI obligations and data. It enables class leading data discovery and remediation to meet and maintain PCI compliance.

Enterprise Recon PII — the industry-leading solution that enables CISOs, ITSMs, and Data Governance Officers full data discovery and remediation tools to meet and maintain compliance against GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI DSS and PDPA with over-300 data types including predefined and variants. You can also create custom data types specific to your industry and company.

Enterprise Recon Pro — the most-complete data discovery solution that empowers CISOs, ITSMs and Risk Managers with full visibility of all their data along with risk insights. Enterprise Recon Pro aligns with CISO and Executive scorecards through integration with reporting interfaces such as Tableau, Power BI and anything that connects to a ODBC-compliant business intelligence tool.

Key Feature Differences
Pre-Configured PCI Patterns
Full Pre-Configured PII Patterns (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA)
Custom Data Patterns
OCR and Audio Scanning
Full scanning target list
Data Remediation
Basic Reporting
Rules Based Access Control
Email and In-App Notifications
API Framework
Investigate Page
Custom BI Reporting API*
Delegated Remediation*
Data Classification*
Permissions Integration*
Risk Scoring*

*Coming H2 2020

Features Include:

Pre-configured Patterns — Limited PCI: For detecting PCI card brands American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, and Visa, as well as China Union Pay, Maestro, Laser, Troy, and other private label cards.

OCR and Audio Scanning: OCR to detect sensitive data in scanned documents and fax formats, such as PDF, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and PNG. Audio recognition technology can identify sensitive data encoded in telephone DTMF tones in common audio formats such as WAV and MP3.

GLASS™ Technology: Ground Labs’ proprietary discovery and pattern matching engine. GLASS Technology drives Enterprise Recon’s industry leading performance, versatility and accuracy leaving Machine Learning behind.

Patterns — All: More than 300 data types including predefined and variants types targeting 50 different countries covering Cardholder data, National IDs, Private healthcare data, banking and financial information, and PII.

Custom Patterns: Craft your own data type patterns to find data specific to a particular individual or organization, confidential documents, scanned form data, etc.

Existing Platforms: Scan across the entire collection of supported platforms and environments.

Remediation: Remediate data via redaction, secure erasure, quarantining and encryption. Location marking for compliance reporting.

Generic Reporting: Save reports on a per-scan basis, or on a consolidated basis combining the result of multiple scans together to represent the best-known state of a target system. Formats include PDF, HTML, TXT and CSV.

InterSystems Cache: Scan this high-performance database that powers everything from billions of equity trades to the world’s most advanced smart energy grids.

API Framework: API to control access to Enterprise Recon’s scanning and reporting capabilities. This includes our industry leading data discovery GLASS™ technology through custom tools and interfaces.

Custom Reporting API: Easily integrate Enterprise Recon with third-party applications. Utilize the charting and reporting features from third party business intelligence platforms to perform data analytics and produce advanced reporting based on the Enterprise Recon data.

Investigate Page: This advanced integration is designed to allow deeper-level browsing, sorting, filtering, exporting and analysis of data discovered.

User-Driven Remediation: Assign file/email/resource owners to review and remediate their own data. Enable resource owners to review and remediate their own data easily. This enables organizations to establish better data governance by passing the responsibility back to data owners and protecting the principle of “need to know” access.

Classification: Apply persistent metadata to documents and files to facilitate interaction with other classification-aware products such as DLP without the need for direct integration. Easily edit the metadata labels and run further analysis against match location and extracting reports.

Risk Insight/Control: Prioritize review and remediation of match results by determining a risk score for each matching location. Depending upon the accompanying platform, review and control who has access to your sensitive data.

Notification & Alerts: Configure how and who to alert when certain events happen. Event details are outlined here.