The Challenge:

The last three years have seen seismic changes in the way businesses operate. The shift to remote and hybrid work models has accelerated the rush to the cloud by an unprecedented degree. While the cloud offers great opportunity and flexibility, this rapid migration also comes with increased risk to critical and sensitive data.

As businesses move increasingly online through digital transformation initiatives, it’s essential that data is managed effectively throughout the migration process. Uncontrolled dispersal of data across cloud platforms increases the potential of a data breach event, as well as infringement of privacy legislation and regulation.

The Solution:

Fundamental to delivering an effective digital transformation program is to know your data. With cloud data discovery you will know exactly what information you have stored and can plan an effective strategy for transformation that ensures data security at each stage of the process.

Enterprise Recon powered by GLASS Technology™ is the quickest and most accurate discovery software on the market, enabling rapid data discovery, risk scoring, data classification and remediation-in-place across the broadest set of on-prem and cloud platforms.


Flexible discovery and remediation solutions for cloud management and digital transformation initiatives


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