Scoping made easy for payment card data security and compliance

Card Recon is the industry-leading solution for identifying payment card data, specifically designed for PCI DSS compliance. Supporting 27 controls across the latest version of the standard, Card Recon delivers a simplified approach to scoping and data management for PCI DSS compliance.

Data Discovery Software Made for PCI DSS

Rapid Remediation for Continuous Compliance

QSA-Ready Reporting Built in

High Performance With Low Impact

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Card Recon Desktop

Lightweight PCI DSS data discovery for end-user devices

Card Recon Server

Out-of-the-box payment card data discovery trusted by QSAs

Card Recon Plus

Supporting targeted data discovery across on-prem and cloud-based environments

Key Feature Differences Card Recon Desktop Card Recon Server Card Recon Plus
Desktop Windows
Server Windows
Target Types Local Storage
Free Space
Shadow Volumes
File Types Text Files
All Encodings
Office Docs
Compressed Files
Audio Files
OCR Files

Go Beyond PCI DSS Compliance and Payment Card Scanning

Need to scan your company’s emails, documents, databases and other sources of structured and unstructured data?

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