The Challenge:

Government organizations collect some of the most sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) on their citizens and businesses, and they are expected to protect this data. Yet, that’s exactly what makes federal, state and local governments alluring targets. In Q1 2020 alone, there was a 278% increase in breached government records around the globe, a shocking 17 million total leaked records. In the US, state and local governments are particularly susceptible to breaches and have seen a 50% rise in cyberattacks between 2017 and 2020.

Elected officials, civil servants and departments that support them need to earn and maintain their constituents’ trust — stolen data weakens that trust while threatening stability and security. It’s now more important than ever for government organizations and agencies to discover and protect all of their personal and sensitive data, while meeting evolving compliance regulations, some of which they may have actually helped put into place. Beyond citizen information, government organizations have to secure the same type of sensitive data as most enterprises — such as employee information.

Trusted across multiple industries, including local and national government organizations

Discover over 300 predefined and variant types of data from over 50 countries

Streamline compliance with GDPR, CCPA, PDPA and PCI DSS, as well as other regional and country-specific privacy legislation and regulation

Trusted by multiple government agencies through a broad range of departments including transportation, housing and defense

The Solution:

Enterprise Recon by Ground Labs delivers advanced discovery, management and remediation capabilities for all critical data across on-prem and cloud environments.


Achieve Government Data Compliance
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What is PII for GDPR?

GDPR requires companies across the EU to protect the privacy of, and safeguard the data they keep on, their employees, customers and third party vendors. Companies are now under legal obligation to keep this personally identifiable information (PII) safe and secure.

Organizations today need to be aware of what data they handle, where they store it and what controls they have to protect it. Ground Labs develops products that fit this requirement. The tools are easy to use yet provide incredibly valuable information that can be acted on for further analysis or remedial efforts. The applications support most popular operating systems, databases and also a number of online applications."

Sense of Security
Murray Goldschmidt - COO