In this time and age, we need to double-check some products findings, Enterprise Recon is one of the products I trust and use to double-check other products’ findings.
Willem Hardijzer - Information Systems Security Officer

Direct Transact
Verifone is committed to keeping our customers’ payment information secure. We began using Card Recon from Ground Labs to achieve PCI compliance and keep that sensitive data safe. After a successful rollout of Card Recon, we wanted to build on that success. We needed a solution that could scan our back-end servers and databases, so it was an easy decision to upgrade to Enterprise Recon PII. Now, Enterprise Recon PII is integral in how we think about our sensitive data management, ensuring we maintain our customers’ trust while meeting both organizational and regulatory compliance standards. We are able to do all this, without disruption, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Enterprise Recon PII provides our team with centralized management of our data discovery process, allowing us to manage all scans from a single location without having to physically go to each and every machine to install and scan. This has created greater awareness of how and where we store data, enabling us to stay compliant with a variety of privacy regulations, including PCI.
Nurettin Akhan - Manager, Cloud Services Systems


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