The Singapore Personal Data Protection Act of 2012 (PDPA) was established to protect the nation’s citizens from privacy breaches, making it illegal for organizations to store copies of Singaporean consumers’ National Registration Identity Cards (NRIC). While the act itself is highly localized, it has international ramifications for any entities operating or doing business in the Republic.

Any organization that fails to comply with the PDPA may suffer fines of up to $1 million. Avoid these penalties and maintain compliance with Enterprise Recon solutions from Ground Labs.

A map of several countries with important data regulations in Southeast Asia, including Singapore and the PDPA.

Identify and secure PII on an ongoing basis to maintain Singapore PDPA compliance

Ground Labs’ Enterprise Recon empowers companies to identify and remediate NRIC data across their entire network, including PII located on workstations, servers, database systems, emails or cloud storage platforms.

Is your company PDPA compliant? Conduct a complimentary sample data analysis with Ground Labs to find out.

How Ground Labs Can Help Ensure PDPA Compliance

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Identify over 300 different types of data and file formats, including data stored in servers, on desktops, email, and databases, on prem and in the cloud.

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Support PDPA compliance obligations under the Protection Obligation with custom reporting and analytics available in the Enterprise Recon dashboard.

Discover data that is stored on legacy or older systems that are prohibited by the PDPA.

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Search within both structured and unstructured data sources including files, databases, emails, cloud, big data and more.

Low resource requirements that allow mission-critical system use.

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Reduce the overall time and investment required to reach and uphold PDPA compliance, even as regulations change over time.

Reduce the time required to map, analyze and remediate data before being transferred overseas into cloud storage, in accordance with the PDPA Transfer Limitation Obligation.

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Execute a proactive approach to data security to build a stronger foundation of trust within your organization.


Organizations Achieve PDPA Compliance
with Ground Labs


Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) in Singapore

Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) provides a baseline standard of protection for the personal data and information of Singapore residents. It includes various requirements pertaining to the collection, use, disclosure, and ongoing care of personal data in Singapore.


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