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Brazil’s Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD), which translates to General Data Protection Law, went into effect in February 2020. The law unifies the many disparate attempts of the Brazilian government to protect personal data that exists both on and offline.

Similar to the recently-passed data protection acts of other nations, the LGPD applies to any business or organization that processes personal data belonging to Brazilian citizens – regardless of where that business or organization itself is located. This means that any organizations with customers located in Brazil must ensure that their data infrastructure maintains LGPD compliance.

The LGPD requires that data breaches are reported to national authorities

If an organization is found to be non-compliant with the LGPD legislation, it will receive penalties of up to 2 percent of revenue for the prior fiscal year. Fines are limited to a maximum of 50 million reals (approximately $9 million USD). Additionally, organizations are obligated to report any data security incidents or breaches to Brazilian national authorities.

How Ground Labs Can Help

Identify over 300 different types of data and file formats, including data stored in operating systems, email servers, database servers, and the cloud.

Demonstrate LGPD compliance with custom reporting and analytics available in the Enterprise Recon dashboard.

Search within both structured and unstructured data sources including files, databases, emails, cloud, big data and more.

Search for PII across your entire digital infrastructure, with data discovery support for Windows,macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX and many more.

Create LGPD specific reports with an API that allows you to download match results and use them for bespoke reporting, remediation and custom integration requirements.

Reduce the overall time and investment required to reach and uphold LGPD compliance, even as regulations change over time.

Execute a proactive approach to data security - as opposed to a reactive approach that relies on damage control post-breach - to build a stronger foundation of trust within your organization.

Deploy Enterprise Recon data discovery technology quickly and efficiently onsite with no worry of another offsite access point to your sensitive data.


What you need to know about Brazil’s Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD)

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Corporations have data stored in so many locations that it is impossible to manually look for information. With the data security tool from Ground Labs, it makes the process easy and simple for organizations to search for data that is stored in a non-secure manner and take corrective actions to remediate it and secure the data.

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