Healthcare Data Compliance

Secure your patients' medical data and other critical information while maintaining healthcare compliance with Ground Labs.

The Challenge:

Patients trust their healthcare providers with their most intimate personal data — their medical information. Across the industry, the volume of healthcare data is growing by 50 percent each year, and patients expect easy access to this information. This means healthcare providers face a constant battle between securing medical data and making it accessible.

Healthcare compliance regulations make this challenge even more daunting. HIPAA requires healthcare organizations to ensure that electronic protected health information (ePHI) remains secure. The HITECH Act expands HIPAA encryption compliance to require the timely disclosure of data breaches.

These aren’t the only regulations healthcare companies need to keep up with. Beyond protecting medical information, healthcare organizations have to secure the same type of sensitive data as other enterprises — such as employee information and credit card data, further adding to the complexity of data management.

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The Solution:

Ground Labs helps you discover and remediate all of your data — on servers, on desktops and in the cloud. See which Enterprise Recon solution is right for you.

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