Today, healthcare organizations face the daunting task of securing vast quantities of electronic protected health information (ePHI) while also maintaining data accessibility for healthcare professionals who need it. Since data is shared across many unique networks, platforms, electronic health records (EHRs), and databases, it is more important than ever to understand exactly where ePHI and PII are located. Healthcare organizations have an obligation to their patients, community, partners and their own organizations to maintain HIPAA compliance and prevent health data breaches.

HIPAA Compliance Solutions Trusted by Leading Healthcare Organizations

Ground Labs provides leading-edge data discovery solutions to healthcare organizations worldwide, helping them maintain HIPAA compliance while enabling better, more efficient patient care. Operate with confidence that your ePHI is managed across all platforms, networks, and operating systems – from pharmacy, laboratory systems, administrative networks, and third-parties.

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How Ground Labs Can Help Ensure HIPAA Compliance

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Identify over 300 predefined and variant types of data, including HIPAA-protected data stored in servers, on desktops, email, and databases, on prem and in the cloud.

Access data discovery support for HIPAA-specific data types including patient PII identifiers, national insurance identifiers and easily set up custom parameters for medical identifiers.

In the event of a possible breach, fulfill the HIPAA
Security Incident Procedures
requirement by implementing sensitive data discovery and data identification processes.

Gain deeper visibility across your entire enterprise, including data stored in the cloud, to pick up on and protect against potential insider and outsider threats.

Ground Labs’ HIPAA compliance software provides fully customizable analytics and reporting, illustrating where sensitive data is located and what measures are being taken to protect it.

Allow third-party vendors to generate evidence of safe ePHI and PII storage practices by extending access through an API Framework.

Enable faster and more complete implementation of policies and procedures outlined by the HIPAA Security Management Process to prevent and contain security violations.

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Easily build custom data types and search platforms to locate and remediate unique data types to address your organization’s unique HIPAA needs.


Organizations Achieve HIPAA Compliance
With Ground Labs


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