The Australian Privacy Act (APA) contains 13 privacy principles (APPs) that apply to organizations and government agencies that handle personal and sensitive information. The APPs form the privacy protection framework that defends individuals’ data rights, and to which organizations must comply.

With noncompliance penalties of up to AUD $50m or 30% of adjusted turnover, organizations processing Australians’ data must keep pace with their privacy obligations. Ground Labs’ discovery and data management solutions simplify the process by identifying where personal data resides and providing the tools to manage and remediate data effectively.

Privacy for the digital age

The APA protects the personal information and sensitive information of living individuals. The legislation governs the way this information can be collected, used and disclosed. It requires data governance and accountability, as well as offering individuals’ rights such as correction, access and deletion of their data.

A recent review of the APA by the Attorney-General’s Department resulted in 116 separate proposals to update the Act to “protect Australians’ privacy in the digital age. With further changes to the legislation coming, now is the time to act. Ground Labs’ Enterprise Recon delivers fast, accurate discovery scanning packaged with over 35 Australian personal and sensitive data types designed to support APA compliance.

Is your company APA compliant? Conduct a complimentary sample data analysis with Ground Labs to find out.


How Ground Labs Can Help Ensure APA Compliance

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Identify over 35 different types of Australian personal and sensitive data and over 250 data types from 50 other countries. Configure additional data types unique to your organisation with the custom data types feature.

Search within both structured and unstructured data sources including servers, on desktops, email, and databases, on-premises and in the cloud.

Create and maintain an inventory of personal and sensitive information with scheduled discovery scans.

Automate APA compliance scans with weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual scheduling for custom locations and data types.

Create APA specific reports with APIs that allow you to download match results and use them for bespoke reporting, remediation, risk scoring/mapping and custom integration requirements.

Align with CISO and Executive Board scorecards through integration with reporting interfaces such as Excel, Power Bi, Crystal Reports, Tableau and anything that connects to an ODBC-compliant business intelligence tool.

Execute a proactive approach to privacy and data management to build a stronger foundation of trust with customers.

Reduce the overall investment required to reach and sustain APA compliance, even as regulations change over time.


Organizations Achieve APA Compliance
with Ground Labs


What’s Next for Australia’s Privacy Laws?

The release of the long-awaited review of the Privacy Act by the Attorney-General’s Department signals widespread updates to Australia’s privacy law.


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