Telecommunications Data Compliance

Secure your customer data and meet telecommunications compliance regulations with Ground Labs

The Challenge:

The telecommunications sector is viewed as one of the most vulnerable to cyber attacks. Given the sheer volume of personal and sensitive data carriers hold, it is now more important than ever for telecommunications companies to understand exactly what data they have, where it resides and how it is secured, all while meeting evolving compliance regulations. Customer loyalty is reliant on keeping data secure — the barrier to change providers is low, and is easily overcome in the face of a breach: recent data from IBM shows breaches cost telecommunications providers $3.01M on average.

Beyond customer information, telecommunications providers have to secure the same type of sensitive data as most enterprises, such as information on employees, suppliers and partners.

Trusted across multiple industries, including the world’s top telecommunications brands, spanning 85 countries

Discover over 300 predefined and variant types of data, including personal and sensitive information from over nine major credit card brands

Ensure telecommunications compliance with GDPR, CCPA, PDPA, PCI DSS and other regulations including many regional and country specific legislation

Thousands of companies trust us to discover their sensitive data, including Optus and Vodafone

The Solution:

Ground Labs empowers some of the world’s largest telecommunications providers to discover and remediate all their sensitive data — such as credit card information, addresses, social security numbers and drivers licenses — across servers, on desktops, email, and databases, on prem and in the cloud.

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The Importance of Telecommunication Data Security

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Organizations today need to be aware of what data they handle, where they store it and what controls they have to protect it. Ground Labs develops products that fit this requirement. The tools are easy to use yet provide incredibly valuable information that can be acted on for further analysis or remedial efforts. The applications support most popular operating systems, databases and also a number of online applications.

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