Secure your customer data and meet compliance regulations with Ground Labs

The Challenge:

Transportation moves us across boundaries while pushing the boundaries of digital — with airlines, automobile manufacturers and others increasingly collecting and sharing data. The transportation industry is entrusted with vast amounts of customer data — including passport information, drivers’ license numbers and credit card information.

Travel and transportation companies must discover and protect their sensitive data, while meeting evolving compliance regulations. Beyond customer information, transportation organizations have to secure the same type of sensitive data as most enterprises — such as employee and partner data.

Trusted across multiple industries, including the world’s top airlines

Discover over 300 predefined and variant types of data, including PII types from all 27 EU countries in accordance with GDPR

Ensure compliance with GDPR, CCPA, PDPA, PCI DSS and other regulations with Enterprise Recon by Ground Labs

Thousands of companies trust us to discover their sensitive data, including Avis, Qantas and Virgin Atlantic

The Solution:

Ground Labs empowers transportation organizations to discover and remediate all their sensitive data— such as credit card information, social security numbers and drivers licenses — on servers, on desktops and in the cloud.

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After exhaustive due diligence and market alliance we choose to partner with Ground Labs for meeting our PCI DSS obligations, through unmatched accuracy. Based off their expansive data discovery features in Enterprise Recon we’re also able to meet our growing needs for PII as well.

Angel Galvez Caballero - Global IT Security Head