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Where did it all begin?

It all started back in 2007 with two friends discussing the idea of creating software for the PCI industry. Being techies, they wanted their core focus to be on their engineering capabilities to create something special. This lead to a great discovery. Fast forward 10 years, it’s clear to see how Ground Labs fully embraces that core concept. Our success has come from our two biggest assets; our code and our employees. Without these two special factors, we would not be the sensitive data discovery software experts we are today.

We are trusted in multiple industries across 85 different countries

Financial Services

Across all global centres


The world's top Airlines

Major Retailers

Global Major


The world's Top Telcos


Europe's biggest
Gaming companies

We are a technology company with strong core values

We celebrate authenticity, innovation and teamwork

Engineering is still at our core

Our founders are technical guys trying to solve a very specific problem and they have passed this passion for technology onto everyone who has joined them since.

We love what we do

All of us are doing what we love, that's why we are here. Each of us is given every opportunity to succeed and learn from our mistakes and become the best version we can be.

We respect individuality

Everyone is different, at Ground Labs we respect that. In fact, we welcome it. Having difference of opinion opens up a very creative environment to work in and thrive.

Customer's satisfaction is No.1

From the code behind our software through to our best in class support team (if we do say so ourselves) aims to exceed expectations by going the extra-mile and then some.

We create leaders not managers

Leaders lead by example. As part of their normal day, they mentor and educate those around them by sharing their knowledge. This creates an atmosphere of trust and acceptance.

Goal focused

We have stayed true to our main goal of creating special products that actually do what our customers want them to do.

Thousands of companies trust us to discover their sensitive data

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Become a leader with a Ground Labs career!

Careers fun day video

If you’re the kind of person who thinks outside of the box, enjoys continually learning new things, and likes to spend time with engaging colleagues during and after work hours, then consider Ground Labs for your next career step. Even if we don’t have the ideal job for you right now, please connect with us on social media. Then you’ll be the first to know when we have an opportunity for you to become the next member of our fantastic team.

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