2021 Predictions, Part Two: Top Trends Impacting the Channel Ecosystem

Last week, our co-founder and chief evangelist shared his 2021 predictions focused on data security and regulatory compliance. As a channel-first company, we’d also like to share a few forward-looking trends from the lens of our trusted channel partners. Here’s what I believe channel partners will be watching for in 2021:

Continued Adaptation and Evolution

The year 2020 forced organizations to become ‘digital ready’ not just by definition, but by truly embodying it as a means of survival. As a result, channel partners have also had to adapt, with some reallocating resources to be the enablers of such digital transformation, while others reprioritized offerings to better meet organizations’ needs as a result of COVID-19

This year, we believe that channel partners can expect continued adaptation, as most organizations now prepare for a hybrid work model, which poses the most risk when compared to a fully remote or in-office approach. As organizations navigate the ‘next normal,’ channel partners will be with them in lock step, continuing to adapt and evolve as businesses wrestle through the ongoing impacts of the pandemic, while learning what it means to operate long-term.

Data as the Foundation of Business

In 2021, businesses of all sizes and sectors will also continue to gain strong insights into how impactful data has become for their organization — as well as the sheer volume and breadth that such data encapsulates across the business.

The reality is that data is the new oil, becoming the most valuable resource in the world. Today, it’s powering a digital revolution — if you look at customer insights, never before have organizations been able to understand so much about their buyers, to the point where they’re predicting habits, forecasting needs, and influencing decisions that prospective customers make.

As the remote workforce continues to collaborate, we can expect an exponential increase in data creation and sharing — all of which must be monitored and accounted for. This will bring a continued rise in data discovery, especially amid evolving compliance mandates. This year, data will become the foundation of a business, not the outcome of a business.

How Ground Labs Can Help

Ground Labs works with leading channel, technology, service provider and OEM organizations to deliver data discovery solutions that help find and remediate all sensitive data, regardless of where it’s located — including on servers, on desktops and in the cloud. Our core focus is to develop technology to meet the increasing challenges of data management and regulatory compliance, consistently keeping a pulse on the evolving industry and trends to watch for.

We understand the complexities, challenges and intricacies of data discovery. Let us help you on your data discovery journey with our award-winning solutions, Enterprise Recon and Card Recon.

Learn more about our data discovery solutions by scheduling a demo with a Ground Labs expert today. 

Watch this recent video interview with eChannel News for more information on how Ground Labs is working with its channel partner ecosystem. Interested in becoming a partner? Contact us here.

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