Ground Labs’ Enterprise Recon now supports data discovery scanning for Microsoft Teams. This new feature enables organizations to identify and manage personal and sensitive data within the communications platform.

Microsoft Teams is among the most popular business communications services worldwide. In their 2023 Q2 figures, the company reported exceeding 280 million active users, and in a previous report published that over one million organizations rely on the platform. A staggering 91 Fortune 100 companies are estimated to make use of Teams.

Teams provides organizations comprehensive collaboration and communication capabilities including chat, file storage and sharing, web and video conferencing, phone calls, in-app collaboration among others.

However, services such as Teams, which offer people the ability to share information easily, can be a liability for businesses trying to manage data security and privacy in line with industry standards, legislation and regulation.

Enterprise Recon data discovery scanning for Teams helps organizations understand how the platform is used and ensure that it doesn’t become an unauthorized storage location for personal data, business critical data or other sensitive information.

Primarily targeting the chat feature of the platform, Enterprise Recon can be configured to scan groups, teams, channel conversations or private chat messages. By selecting one or more of the 300 pre-packaged personal data types, or by creating custom data patterns, organizations can identify personal and sensitive information within Teams, enabling visibility and supporting the remediation of this data.

Enterprise Recon also supports data discovery in Calendar, Contacts and attachments sent in channel conversations and private chat messages by scanning Exchange Online and OneDrive Business or SharePoint Online targets.

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