Data management is becoming an increasingly significant challenge for organizations. With the forced migration to remote-access solutions and the rapid acceleration in digital transformation initiated to keep the lights on during the Covid-19 pandemic, cloud services like Box have become a standard part of organizations’ data environments.

Offering both data storage and secure data sharing capabilities, Box’s Content Cloud and associated services are used by two thirds of FTSE 500 companies, across most industry sectors.

While these services offer great opportunities for organizations, supporting remote and hybrid working as well as outsourcing data storage and networking requirements, they can also present a risk to sensitive and critical data.

The Cloud Data Security Risk

Cloud data services such as Box typically provide data encryption as standard. However, data is accessible to anyone with valid credentials and permissions to access it. The unstructured nature of data held in these services makes it difficult to control who has access to sensitive information captured within stored files.

Inadvertent disclosure of such information to unauthorized third parties or even internal employees is difficult to prevent, unless organizations have a clear understanding of the data held within these platforms.

Data Discovery For Box Content Cloud

Evidence-based data discovery helps provide organizations visibility of this data in a way that enables them to manage the associated data security risk.

The latest release of Ground Labs’ award-winning data discovery solution, Enterprise Recon, now offers enhanced integration with Box through its new Box Inc module. The latest update enables custom app authentication to Box using JSON Web Tokens, streamlining the discovery process for multiple Box storage locations. It also supports discovery scanning of data hosted within defined user accounts, groups or all users within a Box Inc domain.

Optimized API call usage facilitated by the latest update further improves scanning efficiency and allows organizations to identify sensitive, critical and confidential data across their Box domain.

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