Radisson Blu Frankfurt

e-Crime Germany 2012 was held at the Radisson Blu hotel in Frankfurt, Germany

After sponsoring PCI London back on the 25th of January, our team traveled onto Frankfurt in Germany for the world renowned e-Crime Germany event. This year’s event was held at the Radisson Blu Hotel on January the 31st.
e-Crime Germany is part of the Global e-Crime Series which provides audiences around the world with the latest insights that can help improve security and reduce the likelihood of an organisation being the next compromise victim.

The agenda of the day offered both strategic and technical advice, examples of best practice and case studies that detail how in-house security professionals can meet new demands as businesses continue to grow and change. The various seminars provided an interesting view on how organisations can take advantage of the latest technologies which often assist to “do more with less” whilst solving some of the many challenges out there in keeping a system secure. There were also a number of insightful presentations on securing cardholder and other sensitive data from current hacking techniques and the latest malware.

The delegation was far broader compared with normal PCI events given the additional focus on electronic crime. This was reflected in the delegation which included representatives from law enforcement and forensic investigations in addition to the normal crowd of IT directors, risk/compliance managers and technical folk alike. Attending vendors included HP Enterprise Security, Bit9, Fire Eye, Tripwire, Visa, Palo Alto, Codesealer, Cryptomathic, Silver Tail Systems, Verdasys, Epiq Systems and TeleTrust.

Mohamed Zouine @ eCrime Germany

Mohamed Zouine presenting our main-stage presentation on using Cardholder Data Discovery to identify PCI security risks within an IT environment.

As a strategic sponsor of the event, Ground Labs participated in a number of topical discussions with our EMEA Director of Corporate Development, Mohamed Zouine, presenting on ‘the good, the bad and the ugly of cardholder data security best practice’, with focus on how to avoid being the next target of data breaches. The presentation considered the many mistakes often made by companies and the devastating consequences this can have. Mohamed went on to outline what steps can be taken to avoid being the next victim including the use of Tokenization, Data Masking and Encryption once the data discovery scans have been completed.

Later in the day, Stephen Cavey presented our regular education seminar on ‘keeping risk at rock bottom’, overcoming challenges associated with non-compliant cardholder data handling practices. Stephen once again used a live demonstration of Enterprise Recon to show the importance of enabling regular cardholder data discovery to ensure any future handling of sensitive credit card numbers does not result in any non-compliant storage occurring. In the event that unencrypted (non-compliant) cardholder data is identified, Enterprise Recon will isolate and display the findings within a centralised real-time reporting interface.

Ground Labs iPad 2 winner, Georg Hirschberg with Steve Cavey

Ground Labs iPad 2 winner, Georg Hirschberg of ING Diba with Stephen Cavey

Congratulations to our iPad 2 winner Georg Hirschberg from ING Diba.

For a copy of our presentations please contact enquiries (at) groundlabs dot com

Our thanks again to AKJ Associates for a well organised and enjoyable day, we look forward to many more.

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