As the COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to accelerate their digital transformation including a shift to remote and virtual environments, Ground Labs’ tiered approach provides customers with a simple migration path that adapts with their evolving data discovery challenges and strategy.

These new tiers include:

  • Enterprise Recon PCI — For organizations looking to manage and maintain PCI DSS obligations. Enterprise Recon PCI enables class-leading data discovery and remediation to meet and maintain compliance across an unmatched range of environments with market-leading speed and accuracy.
  • Enterprise Recon PII — As security risks and threats increase globally, together with the need to meet increased personal compliance regulations, Enterprise Recon PII delivers the ability to quickly discover, remediate and report on personal data to help mitigate that risk. This enables organizations to maintain customer trust with their sensitive information and meet regulatory and compliance requirements such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA. Enterprise Recon PII also features a robust API framework enabling reporting and exporting of data to business intelligence platforms. It also includes over 300 predefined and variant data patterns while still enabling an organization to create its own custom data patterns through Ground Labs’ proprietary GLASS™ technology. This empowers organizations to meet their specific data discovery requirements, reducing the complexity and effort needed to customize data patterns to search for sensitive data.
  • Enterprise Recon PRO — Ground Labs’ most-complete data discovery solution enables organizations to achieve full visibility of all their data along with risk scoring, full data classification, permissions integration, and delegated remediation. This enables CISOs and IT Leaders to better identify where their at-risk data lies and prioritize how to best mitigate its impact to business. Enterprise Recon Pro aligns with CISO and Executive scorecards through integration with reporting interfaces such as Tableau, Power BI and any Business Intelligence tools that allows connectivity through ODBC-compliant interfaces.

“Regardless of the industry or size of an organization, we all face the same challenges that come with the ever-increasing reliance on data value and the sheer growth in volume across our networks. These challenges have only increased with the uncertainty that accompanies our adoption of the remote digital workplace environment,” said Stephen Cavey, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist at Ground Labs. “With these new tiers of Enterprise Recon, Ground Labs is providing tailored solutions to evolving customer needs. This makes it simpler for customers to discover, remediate, manage risk and report on all company data, no matter where it’s stored, while ensuring industry, regional and international compliance.”

Enterprise Recon now includes new scanning support for InterSystems Caché. In addition, all offerings have updated and enhanced new platforms, addressing customers’ ongoing need for support of Microsoft 365 Mail, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox Business, Mongo DB and specific Healthcare additional data types supporting HIPAA compliance.

As part of Ground Labs’ commitment to enterprise markets during these unprecedented times, this launch comes on the heels of Enterprise Recon NOW, a complimentary, 90-day license of Enterprise Recon launched earlier this month for companies as they transition toward a remote business model in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. More information on the Enterprise Recon NOW offering can be found here.

Enterprise Recon PCI and Enterprise Recon PII are available now through Ground Labs and its participating partners. Enterprise Recon Pro is expected to ship Q3 2020.

About Ground Labs
Ground Labs, the leading provider of data discovery solutions, enables organizations to find, secure and remediate all of their data across multiple types and locations — whether it’s stored on-premise or in the cloud. Ground Labs serves as the most comprehensive and trusted solution in the enterprise to confidently mitigate risk and find sensitive data.

To learn more about Enterprise Recon 2.1 or to gain access to Enterprise Recon NOW for your company, please schedule a demo today.

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