The Flywire Payment Security Conference 2023 took place on June 27–28, 2023 in the Deansgate Hilton, Manchester, UK. Ground Labs had the privilege to attend and speak at the event, which was brilliantly organized and managed by the Flywire team.

Set up to provide payments security awareness for the education sector, the event covered a wide range of related topics including implementation, procurement, scoping and more.

Industry experts including John Bloomfield from the PCI Security Standards Council and DCI Chris Maddocks of the North West Regional and Organised Crime Unit, as well as Flywire’s own specialists, explained the importance of payments security in managing both the cyber-risk of education establishments and the role it plays in tackling cyber-crime and fraud in the UK and worldwide.

Bringing it all to life were case studies and panel sessions from institutions including the University of Oxford, the University of Strathclyde and the University of Washington. These sessions were a great opportunity for attendees to learn from real-world experiences navigating payments security, and particularly the unique complexities of PCI DSS compliance across a university campus.

Ground Labs’ Ian Matthews presented a session explaining how data awareness — understanding where data is, why it’s there and what it’s used for — acts as the keystone for not only payments security but also wider data security, underpinning PCI DSS and privacy compliance efforts as well as protecting customer/student trust.

A greyscale bridge of rocks with a red keystone representing data awareness as the keystone of payment security

Presenting a three-step model of Identify—Verify—Protect for data awareness, Ian demonstrated how this approach, using evidence-based data discovery, also ensures sustainable compliance with the updated scoping requirements of PCI DSS v4.0.

Integrated into a continuous process using automation such as that offered by Ground Labs’ Enterprise Recon and Card Recon solutions, this approach is efficient to delivery in terms of both time and resource. It also supports rapid remediation and management of rogue data and newly identified data repositories, as well as delivering standardized reporting that can be used as evidence for PCI DSS, legal and regulatory compliance.

To find out how data discovery helps organizations achieve PCI DSS compliance, download your free copy of our e-book, Data Discovery and PCI DSS v4.0.

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