For nearly two years now, Ground Labs has held a strategic partnership with Thales, with both companies sharing a similar mission of locating and securing sensitive data wherever it is created, shared or stored.

Recently, Thales announced that it has expanded its partnership with Google to support enhanced privacy and confidentiality capabilities in Google Workspace. Specifically, the company’s CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager and SafeNet Trusted Access technologies have been integrated with Google Workspace Client-side encryption, a new privacy and confidentiality offering for Google Workspace users. 

As the amount of data handled by businesses continues to grow exponentially each day, we at Ground Labs understand the importance of data privacy for businesses and their customers. For this reason, we have been working closely with Thales behind-the-scenes to help power these new capabilities, which will help organizations determine who and how users access Google Workspace, and who can use encryption keys to access a Google Workspace file.

Powered by our proprietary, award-winning data discovery technology, the new integration offering from Thales and Google will improve regulatory compliance and data ownership, by allowing users to maintain ownership of keys used to encrypt Google Workspace documents.

We look forward to continuing to build on our close partnership with Thales, in an effort to make data protection more accessible, seamless and achievable for organizations worldwide.

For more information on Thales’ latest news, click here. Interested in partnering with Ground Labs to improve your organization’s data discovery capabilities? Contact us today.

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