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Merchant Risk Council Europe - Dublin

Merchant Risk Council Europe – The Burlington Hotel – Dublin

Ground Labs continued it’s support of the Merchant Risk Council by sponsoring it’s European event, this time held in Dublin on April the 25th – 27th at the Burlington Hotel.

Just like it’s US counterpart, the MRC European event offers fraud and security professionals in the region a focussed event to learn about the latest initiatives for fighting fraud losses commonly experienced by organisations conducting business online.

MRC European Event – Main Floor

At this European event the London branch

of US homeland security came to present a fantastic session on their latest views of electronic crime and fraud. Specifically the secret service agents went on to provide a detailed insight on a past operation Lord Kaisersose which lead to the arrest of of various criminals who were convinced of selling compromised cardholder information including track1 and track2 data via card trafficking websites online.

The secret service agents went onto

MRC Dublin Europe - PCI SSC - Jeremy King

Jeremy King from the PCI SSC presenting on the council’s latest initiatives.

confirm their view that cybercrime and electronic fraud is now a 3 Trillion dollar industry globally with over 69 hacks occurring every second. This figure positions electronic crime and fraud to be larger than the drug trade, with many secret service agents now being re-trained on computer forensics and techniques to fight electronic crime.

Jeremy King from the PCI Council’s


office also presented on the PCI SSC’s latest initiatives in helping organisations to reduce their risk of suffering a cardholder data breach by becoming PCI compliant. The council continues to work on a range of initiatives to educate the public and improve general awareness of the PCI standards globally.

Graham Thompson from Semafone was invited to speak and present on Semafone’s call centre payment solution which enables organisations to capture

Graham Thompson - Semafone

Graham Thompson – Semafone – Presenting on contact centre fraud and the important of PCI Compliance.

credit card payments within a call centre environment whilst reducing the risk of call centre agent fraud occurring.

MRC should be commended on a well run event which brought together an interesting variety of professionals in the fraud and security industry and offered highlight sessions on topics related to PCI Compliance and cardholder data security for the audience to learn from.

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