Become A Partner With Ground Labs

Ground Labs Partners Are Experts In Data Security And Privacy

Ground Labs proudly partners with more than 50 organisations that provide many services, including:

  • Product implementation and advice.
  • Management of cardholder data discovery engagements.
  • PCI QSA onsite reviews and advice.
  • Data Privacy and Data Breach Notification readiness reviews.
  • Sourcing and procurement for multinational customers.

Please contact us today for a referral to an authorised Ground Labs partner.

Become a Partner

The Ground Labs Partnership Program allows you to offer our cutting-edge security software solutions to your customers as a stand-alone or bundled solution. Few software vendors offer a product set that is 100% focused on sensitive data discovery and achieve the same accuracy levels as Card Recon, Data Recon and Enterprise Recon.

Our Partnership Program promotes and rewards loyal and dedicated partners. Ground Labs will appoint only a limited number of partners, ensuring that we can focus on supporting your efforts.

Ground Labs currently welcomes interest from the following organizations:

  • PCI QSAs
  • PCI ASVs
  • Financial Acquirers
  • Security Consulting firms

Benefits of Partnership

  • Enhance your PCI compliance and Data Privacy service offerings.
  • Earn margin on volume sales.
  • Receive web-based support training.
  • Access trial versions, which you can distribute from your website or provide directly to customers.
  • Be the first to participate in any new product launch or and pre-release beta tests.
  • Seize co-marketing opportunities.

To learn more, please contact us today!