Sensitive Data Discovery For Your Business

While data is the gateway to business innovation, it also comes with an insurmountable threat. Do you know where your data resides, or like most businesses, is it hidden across workstations, servers, and in the cloud?

Data Discovery Is The Foundation of Compliance

Add to this the fact that compliance regulations continue to emerge as cybercriminals increase their sophistication, and organizations have a massive problem on their hands.

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  • How government regulations keep businesses accountable.
  • Data discovery as a secure foundation.

Ready To Take Control Of Your Data With Ground Labs’ Data Discovery Tools?

With Ground Lab’s Data Discovery tools, organizations can find and remediate sensitive information across the broadest range of structured and unstructured data, whether it’s stored on your servers, on your employees’ devices, or in the cloud.

Ground Lab’s data discovery solutions enable organizations worldwide to seamlessly discover all of their data and comply with not only CCPA, but other important regulations as well, such as GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, Australian Privacy, and more.

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