Technical Support Services

Reviewed: 12 March 2021

Licensor: Ground Labs

The Licensor provides complimentary technical support and services during each subscription period of Card Recon and Enterprise Recon software products. Any and all use of the Licensed Products shall be governed by our End User License Agreement (“EULA”) as posted on or Subscription License Agreement (“SLA”) as entered into separately.

Support feature



Enterprise Recon Availability Response time
Online knowledge base 24 x 7
Email support


24 x 5* Acknowledged within 12 hours
Telephone support 24 x 5* Acknowledged within 12 hours
Live support via videoconferencing Confirmed by appointment Confirmed by appointment**

*Defined as 24 x 5 business working days from Monday to Friday
**The Licensor can, if required, request a videoconference with Licensee, should a support case not be resolved by our Support team after two contact instances. This will be subject to our Support team’s availability.

The Licensor’s Support services include:

  1. Guidance on best practices on implementation and configuration.
  2. Initial product training for 2 named operators*** designated by the Licensee during the agreement term.
  3. Incident Support – Identifying and troubleshooting functionality issues in the Licensed Product.
  4. Root cause analysis.
  5. Assistance with functionality issues during installation or ongoing operation of the Licensed Product.
  6. Assistance with functionality issues during upgrades of the Licensed Product, identifying and creating debugging logs for diagnostic purposes.
  7. Usage of the Licensor’s products on supported operating system versions.

Conditions for access to Support services:

  • The Licensee will submit any requests for support via web, email or phone through the named Licensee operators.
  • The Licensee’s requisite attention and effort to follow up on the issue, after communication with the Licensor.
  • The Licensee’s provision of sufficient information to the Licensor concerning the reported issue(s).
  • The Licensee’s prompt installation of software maintenance releases, bug fixes and/or workaround supplied by the Licensor, as applicable.

The Licensor may use any statistical data generated by the support cases for the purpose of improving use of the Licensor’s products, and handling of such data shall be governed by the confidentiality terms and conditions set out in Section 10 of our EULA or Section 9 of our SLA.

The Licensor’s Support services exclude:

  1. Customers without a current software subscription.
  2. End users who are not included in or designated under the Licensee’s account.
  3. End of life, Beta and Development features or releases.
  4. Non-English language support.
  5. Providing statements of assurance relating to the Licensee’s PCI or PII compliance.
  6. Guidance on becoming PCI compliant for requirements outside of cardholder data discovery.
  7. Usage of the Licensor’s products on unsupported or outdated operating system versions.
  8. Professional services such as systems and performance tuning, deployment and capacity planning, installation and upgrade services and custom data type creation.

*** Initial product training is included as part of solution onboarding for up to 2 named operators; however, the Licensor reserves the right to charge for ongoing product user knowledge and training after initial set up. Including where additional named operators are requested by the Licensee.

@February 2021