Company’s Enterprise Recon Now Bolstered with Faster, Broader Scanning Capabilities 

Austin, Texas — December 16 — Ground Labs, the global expert in sensitive data discovery, today announced a series of key updates to the latest version of its flagship solution, Enterprise Recon. This latest version empowers users to more quickly discover sensitive data on their networks with more comprehensive capabilities to scan for a broader range of information types.

Among new features include Distributed Scanning, which enables customers to significantly lower the time necessary to scan networks for sensitive data. While most solutions rely upon a single agent to scan an entire location, Enterprise Recon dispatches multiple Proxy Agents that collectively complete scans in a fraction of the time, in some cases 400% faster. 

In addition, the latest update includes enhanced scanning capabilities for more than a dozen additional data types. With its new English Profanity Scanning feature, HR leaders can proactively check their networks for the most common English-language profanities, racial and gender slurs and other offensive content within their networks, to remediate potential workplace violations while ensuring a safe, inclusive environment for all employees. 

“Ground Labs is dedicated to empowering its customers to keep pace with the ever-increasing volume and types of sensitive data on their networks,” said Stephen Cavey, Co-Founder and Director of Corporate Development at Ground Labs. “Whether a company needs to ensure compliance or to simply take control of all PII data for security reasons, Ground Labs’ solutions allow them to do so quickly and accurately, and our latest Enterprise Recon 2.0.31 is a testament to our commitment in providing a leading global solution.”

Additional new features include: 

  • More Comprehensive Data Types — Businesses can now search for new data types such as New Zealand Passport Number, Medicare Beneficiary Identifier, Credentials username and password, Hong Kong identity number, United States Mailing Address, United States Telephone Number, Canadian Telephone Number, French Driving License Number and Email addresses. 
  • Enhanced User Interface — The solution now includes an updated, collapsible navigation menu, giving users a wider view with easy access throughout the entire platform. 
  • Fine-Tuned Remediation Permissions — New permissions capabilities allow for broad delegation of remediation responsibilities across an organization while exposing sensitive information only to authorized users.

Enterprise Recon 2.0.31 is available now. 

For more information on Ground Labs and its suite of sensitive data security products, visit: 

About Ground Labs

Ground Labs, the leading provider of sensitive data discovery solutions, enables organizations to find, secure and remediate all of their sensitive data across multiple types and locations — whether it’s stored on-premise or in the cloud. Ground Labs serves as the most comprehensive and trusted solution in the enterprise to confidently mitigate risk and find sensitive data. 

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