If your business accepts credit cards, you’ve heard of PCI DSS — a standard with critical requirements for organizations that store, process or transmit credit card data. It impacts your customers and your business — a breach can mean a potential loss of revenue, customers, brand reputation and trust.


Discover and Remediate Cardholder Data

Organizations that store, transmit or process cardholder data rely on Ground Labs to ensure discovery of personal data and gain PCI DSS compliance.

How Ground Labs Can Help

Out of the box cardholder discovery designed for PCI DSS

Trusted by PCI QSAs (Qualified Security Assessors) in 50+ countries

Simple, fast deployment without the need to ship any boxes or contact on-site engineers

Low resource requirements that allow mission critical system use

Reduce the time required to become compliant with major data security standards

Create detailed, actionable reports, keeping all business leaders informed

Search across the entire organization with support for Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, HP-UX and IBM AIX

Search within both structured and unstructured data sources including files, databases, emails, cloud, big data and more.

Corporations have data stored in so many locations that it is impossible to manually look for information. With the data security tool from Ground Labs, it makes the process easy and simple for organizations to search for data that is stored in a non-secure manner and take corrective actions to remediate it and secure the data.

Stickman Consulting
Ajay Unni - CEO

After exhaustive due diligence and market alliance we choose to partner with Ground Labs for meeting our PCI DSS obligations, through unmatched accuracy. Based off their expansive data discovery features in Enterprise Recon we’re also able to meet our growing needs for PII as well.

Angel Galvez Caballero - Global IT Security Head