Enterprise Recon 2.8.0

Agent Admin

This article covers the following topics:

View Agents

Log in to the ER2 Web Console. Go to the Settings > Agents > Agent Admin page to see a list of Node Agents on your network.

Agent Admin page displaying the list of Node Agents associated with the Master Server.

Sort the list of Node Agents by column headers, or use the Filter by panel to filter Node Agents by Agent Name, Version, Connection Status or Status.

Column Description
Agent Name Host name of the Node Agent or Proxy Agent host.
Version Version of the Agent installed. Select the blank option to display only Agent Groups.
Connection Status If the Agent is connected to the Master Server, the Agent's IP address is displayed.

When selected, allows the Agent to act as a Proxy Agent in scans where a Target has no locally installed Node Agent.

For information on the difference between Node and Proxy Agents, see About Enterprise Recon 2.8.0.

  • Verified: Verified and can scan Targets.
  • Unverified: Established a connection with the Master Server but has not been verified.
  • Blocked: Blocked from communicating with the Master Server.
✓ Verify All

In this column, you can apply the following actions to an agent:

Verify Agents

Verifying a Node or Proxy Agent establishes it as a trusted Agent. Only verified Agents may scan Targets and send reports to the Master Server.

After an Agent is verified, ER2 encrypts all further communication between the Agent and the Master Server.

How To Verify an Agent

  1. On the Agent Admin page, click Verify on the Agent. To verify all Agents, click Verify All.
  2. In the Verify Agent window, select:
    1. Allow agentless scans to be proxied through this agent: Allows this Agent to act as a Proxy Agent.
    2. Create a target defaulting to group <Target Group Name>: Assigns the Agent host as a Target which defaults to the selected Target Group Name from the list.

      Verify Agent dialog box to verify a Node Agent in Enterprise Recon 2.2

      Creating a Target does not consume a license. A license is consumed only when a scan is attempted.
  3. Click Yes to verify the Agent.

Delete Agents

You can delete an Agent if it is no longer in use.

Deleting an Agent does not remove the Target host of the same name.

Node Agent "Host 1" is installed on Target host "Host 1".
  1. Disconnect Node Agent "Host 1".
  2. Delete Node Agent "Host 1".
  3. Target host "Host 1" remains available in the Targets page.

To delete an Agent:

  1. Disconnect the agent from the Master Server by doing one of the following:
    • Stop the er2-agent service on the Agent host.
    • Uninstall the Node Agent from the host.
    • Manually disconnect the Agent host from the network.

  2. On the Agent Admin page, go to the last column in the Agent list and click Delete.

Block Agents

You can block an Agent from connecting to the Master Server.

When an Agent is blocked, its IP address is added to the Access Control List which blocks only the Agent from communicating with the Master Server.

Upgrade Node Agents

See Agent Upgrade for more information.