Card Recon 3.0.1

Results and Remediation

Beginning a scan on the Card Recon GUI will take you to the Card Recon Results screen.

The Results screen displays a summary of the current scan, which will help you decide how to manage non-compliant data found during the scan.

Review scan results and manage non-compliant data with the remediation function in the Results screen.

  Label Description
a The scan progress bar Shows the progress of the currently running scan, and controls to stop, pause, or skip files during the current scan.
b Bulk remediate/mark Selecting one or more matches in the match list will allow you to remediate or mark matches in bulk. See Remediating and Marking Matches.
c Match list Shows list of matched data; selecting an item on this list will bring up its details on the Match Inspector.
d Match Inspector Shows specific match details.
e Match summary Shows a summary of match data found during the scan.
f Save results database/match list/compliance report Save options drop-down menu.
g Filter matches Type in search terms to quickly filter match results.
h Detach Match Inspector/Change Match Inspector view Clicking on the “detach” icon will detach the Match Inspector from the Card Recon window; the Match Inspector can display match details as text or as a hex file.
i Remediate/Mark matches For more information on how to remediate/mark matches, see Remediating and Marking Matches.

Once Card Recon completes a scan, it will ask if you want to save a compliance report.

If you have already configured Card Recon to save a compliance report, Card Recon will not prompt you about report saving.