Enterprise Recon 2.2

Notification Policy

Set up event notifications for system events by going to Settings > Notifications > Notification Policy.

This section covers the following topics:

Set up Notifications and Alerts

Notification policies that are created in the Settings > Notifications > Notification Policy page are global notifications and alerts that apply to all Targets, scans, users, and more.

To set up a global notification policy:

  1. Log into the ER2 Web Console.
  2. Go to Settings > Notifications > Notification Policy.
  3. On the top-right of the page, click + Create a Notification.
    Notification Policy page to filter, create and delete notifications and alerts for events in Enterprise Recon 2.2.
  4. In Notification Label, enter a label for this set of notifications.
    Configure alert and email notifications for specific Targets, users or events in the Create a Notification page.
  5. In Location, select the targets you want to set up notifications for.

  6. In the Who To Notify section, select users to send notifications to:
    1. User: Send an alert or email to selected users.
    2. Role: Send an alert or email to all users belonging to selected roles. See User Roles.
    3. Email Address: Send an email to a specific email address.
  7. In the Notification Options section, select the type of notification a user receives:
    1. Alert
    2. Email


Notifications can be sent to users as:


Alerts sent to users are displayed under the notifications icon .

Expanded notifications icon displaying "Remediation Failed", "Search Detected Matches" and "Search Failed" alerts..

Users can view a summary of alerts sent to them on the My Notifications page. To view a summary of alerts:

  1. Click the notifications icon .
  2. Click See all notifications.


  1. Go to [Username] > My Account.
  2. Click See My Notifications.
    See My Notifications button to view user notifications. .


Selecting Email under Notification Options has ER2 send email notifications to specified email addresses. The email address does not have to be registered to a user in ER2.

A Message Transfer Agent (MTA) must be set up for email notifications to work. See Mail Settings.

Email notification annotating search detected matches on Target "MY-UBUNTU-MACHINE".


You can configure ER2 to send a notification or an email alert for the following events:

Event Global Admin Non-Global Admin
Agent Error  
Backup Failed  
Backup Succeeded  
Credential Changed  
Datastore Failure  
Login Failed  
Login Successful  
No Matches Found  
Process Failed  
Remediation Cancelled  
Remediation Completed  
Remediation Failed  
Processing Blocked  
Role Changed  
Scan Running
Search Detected Matches
Search Failed
Search Paused
Search Resumed
Search Stalled
Search Started
Target Not Scanned
User Account Changed