Enterprise Recon 2.3

Analysis, Remediation and Reporting

This section talks about the analysis, remediation and reporting features that can be utilized in ER2.

Investigate and Remediate

  • Navigate to the Investigate or Target Details page to review the sensitive data matches found during scans, and perform Remediation where necessary.
  • Simplify the analysis of sensitive data matches by setting up Advanced Filters to narrow down on locations that contain a specific combination of data types.

Compliance Reporting

  • Generate and download Reports that provide a summary of scan results and the actions taken to secure the match locations.

Sensitive Data Risk Management

  • PRO Reduce risk of exposure by controlling access to sensitive and PII data with the Data Access Management feature.
  • PRO Create Risk Profiles configured with custom Rules, Labels, and Risk Scores (or Risk Levels) to classify the sensitive data discovered across your organization. See Risk Mapping for more information.
  • PRO Integrate with Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) to leverage the sensitive data discovery capabilities in ER2 to better classify, label, and protect sensitive data across your organization. See Data Classification with MIP for more information.