Enterprise Recon 2.3.1

ER 2.3.1 Release Notes

The Release Notes provide information about new features, platforms, data types, enhancements, bug fixes and all the changes that have gone into Enterprise Recon 2.3.1.

For a quick view of the changes since the last Enterprise Recon release, see Summary of Changes.


  1. Highlights
  2. Important Notes
  3. Changelog
  4. Features That Require Agent Upgrades

New Features

Delegate Remediation For Effective Compliance Management

PRO As the process for remediating sensitive data locations often involves multiple steps and parties, the ability to delegate the remediation task is necessary for an effective compliance program. This becomes particularly evident in large organizations where a single scan can result in millions of sensitive data matches across a huge number of locations, which would be overwhelming for a single user to review and remediate.

With Delegated Remediation, an Enterprise Recon user can easily delegate the task to remediate match locations across multiple Targets to another user. This helps organizations streamline the remediation workflow to achieve flexibility and scalability in its compliance efforts.

See Delegated Remediation for more information.

Important Notes

CRITICAL: One Way Upgrade to Enterprise Recon 2.3.1

Certain data sets, storage formats and components for the Master Server have been updated in Enterprise Recon 2.3.1. Therefore once the Master Server is updated from ER 2.2 (and below) to ER 2.3.1, the datastore is not backward compatible and downgrading ER 2.3 to an earlier version is not supported.
Please contact the Ground Labs Support Team for assistance with upgrading the Master Server.

Enterprise Recon Master Server Upgrade to CentOS 7

From Enterprise Recon 2.0.28, new installations of Enterprise Recon utilize CentOS 7, which features an updated kernel, improved security features and support for operating system patches and updates until June 2024.

If your existing Master Server installation is based on CentOS 6, Ground Labs strongly recommends that you upgrade to CentOS 7 promptly as CentOS 6 reached end of life on November 30, 2020. The Ground Labs Support Team is available to assist customers who wish to migrate their existing installations to CentOS 7.

Ground Labs will continue to support existing Enterprise Recon installations based on CentOS 6 until its end of life date on November 30, 2020.


The Changelog is a complete list of all the changes in Enterprise Recon 2.3.1.

What’s New?

  • Added:

    • PRO Easily delegate the task of remediating sensitive data locations the respective data owners to achieve a scalable compliance management program.


  • Improved Features:
    • You can now designate a Classification Admin in ER2. A user with Classification Admin permissions is authorized to manage the Data Classification with MIP feature, and perform manual classification actions on all match locations to which the user has permissions to access in the Investigate page.
    • Enhancements for overall improved performance of the Investigate page.
    • Disabled CORS mechanism and other minor security enhancements for increased application security.
    • Minor UI enhancements.

Bug Fixes

  • The Active Directory service would restart if there were more than 1500 members in at least one of the user groups in the Active Directory domain configured in ER2.
  • Scanning a Target location would result in the "Results database is corrupted: Length constraints exceeded, please retry scan" error. This would only occur if (i) a huge number of users, and/or (ii) a group(s) with a large number of members, had any form of access permissions for the Target location.
  • "File Created" metadata information was not available, or an invalid value was displayed for certain match locations. With this fix, (i) supported Target locations have to be rescanned to retrieve the "File Created" metadata, and (ii) invalid "File Created" metadata will not be displayed for unsupported Target locations.
  • Only the first 1000 rows were scanned for Azure Storage tables if the Secure transfer required property was enabled for the target Azure Storage account.
  • Incorrect progress and status was displayed in the pop-up dialog of the "Status" column in the Schedule Manager page.
  • The Inaccessible Locations and Operation Log page was not accessible for Target locations that contained special characters such as the hash "#" symbol.
  • Incorrect Access information was displayed for nested match locations (e.g. a file within a ZIP archive) in the Investigate page.

Features That Require Agent Upgrades

Agents do not need to be upgraded along with the Master Server, unless you require the following features in Enterprise Recon 2.3.1:

  • N/A

For a table of all features that require an Agent upgrade, see Agent Upgrade.

PII This feature is only available in Enterprise Recon PII Edition. To find out more about upgrading your ER2 license, please contact Ground Labs Licensing. See Subscription License for more information.

PRO This feature is only available in Enterprise Recon PRO Edition. To find out more about upgrading your ER2 license, please contact Ground Labs Licensing. See Subscription License for more information.

Ensuring we are delivering the best technology for our customers is a core value at Ground Labs. If you are interested in future early builds of Enterprise Recon with forthcoming features, please email your interest to product@groundlabs.com.