Enterprise Recon 2.6.1

Action Log

The DATA_ACTION_LOG table contains a log of all remediation and access control actions / operations taken.

Column Number Key Column Name Data Type Description
1 - TUID numeric NOT NULL Target UID.
2 - WHEN timestamp NOT NULL Timestamp when the action or operation was recorded.
3 - ACTIONID integer NOT NULL Action or operation ID.
4 - USERID numeric NOT NULL ID of the user who performed the operation.
5 - LOCATION varchar(4096) Match location where the action or operation was taken.
6 - SIGNOFF varchar(512) NOT NULL User who signed off on the action or operation.
7 - REASON varchar(512) NOT NULL Reason for performing the action or operation.

Sample data:

8283249956251157105 26/8/2020 8:12:36 AM 14 122442290449103033 File path D:\My-Data\FileA.xlsx admin Added Execute permissions for Others.
8283249956251157105 26/8/2020 8:13:53 AM 16 3811232515622692293 File path D:\My-Data\FileB.ods userA Checking Access Control.
7372383963774995752 27/8/2020 4:13:32 PM 6 122442290449103033 File path /home/ubuntu-machine/Documents/pii-data-1.sql admin Masked sensitive data.