Enterprise Recon 2.6.1

Scan Report Inaccessible Locations

The SCANREPORT_INACCESS table contains information about the inaccessible locations for each scan across all Targets.

Column Number Column Name Data Type Description
1 TUID numeric NOT NULL Target UID. See DATA_TARGET table for more information.
2 REPORTID varchar(64) NOT NULL Report ID. This is the concatenated value of the report timestamp (in Unix time format) and scan ID for the scan.
3 START timestamp NOT NULL Timestamp when the scan started.
4 END timestamp NOT NULL Timestamp when the scan completed.
5 LOCATION varchar(4096) NOT NULL Full path or location of the inaccessible location.
6 SEVERITY varchar(16) NOT NULL Severity level (Critical, Alert, Notice, Intervention, Unknown) for the inaccessible location.
7 DESCRIPTION varchar(4096) NOT NULL Error message or details about the inaccessible location.
8 LOGGED timestamp NOT NULL Timestamp when the inaccessible location was logged.

Sample data:

6622288671022978211 1598337150 25/8/2020 5:04:34 PM 25/8/2020 5:04:34 PM File path D:\Raw-Isolated-Reports-Sample-Output\Test-Data.zip Notice File contains encrypted data 25/8/2020 5:10:22 PM
7372383963774995752 1598337296 20/7/2020 12:26:42 PM 20/7/2020 12:53:11 PM SSL Web site example.com Critical Received error code "403 Forbidden" from server 20/7/2020 12:57:08 PM
8283249956251157105 1598346228 10/9/2020 3:42:07 PM 11/9/2020 8:51:08 AM File path C:\Python27\Lib\test\testtar.tar->ustar/dirtype-with-size/ Notice TAR file may be truncated 11/9/2020 9:01:32 AM