Enterprise Recon 2.6.1


The DATA_LOCATION table contains the current list of match locations for all Targets.

Column Number Key Column Name Data Type Description
1 Primary Key TUID numeric NOT NULL Target UID. See DATA_TARGET table for more information.
2 Primary Key LOCID integer NOT NULL Match location ID.
3 - LOCATION varchar(4096) Match location path or description.

Sample data:

6622288671022978211 54614 MariaDB Server employee_db_1:3308 Catalog table_payroll
6622288671022978211 54619 File path D:\My-Data\My-Folder.zip
7372383963774995752 1 Dropbox Business 01_Refunds_CRM Tracker.xlsx->xl/styles.xml->(html/xml)
7372383963774995752 5 Dropbox Business 2001P11.pdf->(pdf)
8283249956251157105 145 SSL Web site /wiki/1825->(html/xml)
8283249956251157105 234 SSL Web site /wiki/Knowledge_commons->(html/xml)