Enterprise Recon 2.5.0

Getting Started

About the Software

For an overview of the architecture and components, see About Enterprise Recon 2.5.0.

To understand how Targets are licensed, see Licensing.

For requirements to run ER2, see:

For supported scan location types, see Supported File Formats.

Install ER2

Installing ER2 is done in 2 phases:

  1. Standard Installation of the Master Server
  2. Install Node Agents

For more information on installing ER2, see Installation Overview.

Set Up Web Console

Once the Master Server has been installed, access the Web Console to complete the installation and begin using ER2.


A Target is a scan location such as a server, database, or cloud service. Add Targets to scan them for sensitive data.

See Scan Locations (Targets) Overview for more information on Targets.

Node Agents

Node Agents are installed on network hosts to scan Targets. See Scan Locations (Targets) Overview for more information.

  • For Node Agent installation instructions for your platform, see Install Node Agents.
  • See Manage Agents for instructions on how to verify and manage the Node Agents.

Monitoring and Alerts

ER2 is able to monitor scans and send notification alerts or emails on Target events. For details, see Notification Policy.

User Management and Security

To manage user accounts, user permissions, user roles and login security policies, see Users and Security.