Enterprise Recon 2.5.0

Master Server Console

Log in to the Master Server console and run all commands below as root.

Master Server console window upon successful login for "root" user.

Use the Master Server console only to perform described tasks. Using the Master Server console to perform tasks outside the scope of this guide may cause ER2 to fail.

Basic Commands

Check Master Server Version

To check your Master Server version and build number, run:

rpm -qa er2-master

This displays the installed Master Server package name, version, build number and architecture:

# Displays output in the format of <Master Server package name>-<version>-<build number>.<architecture> er2-master-2.x.xx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.x86_64

Start SSH Server

Secure SHell (SSH) access to the Master Server is disabled by default. To enable SSH access, run:

service sshd start

Check Free Disk Space

To check how much free disk space there is on your Master Server, run:

df -h

This displays information about disk usage on the Master Server's local disks, and on mounted file systems:

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/dm-2 15G 1.8G 13G 13% / tmpfs 246M 0 246M 0% /dev/shm /dev/sda1 239M 54M 172M 24% /boot

Configure Network Interface

To change your network settings, you can run the Master Server network interface configuration script again:


Follow the on-screen instructions to configure your Master Server's network settings.

Log Out

To log out of your current session in the Master Server console, run:


The Master Server will continue to run in the background.

Shut Down

To shut down the Master Server, run:

shutdown -h now

The shutdown command can also be run with these options:

Command Description
shutdown -h +<time> Schedules the system to shut down in <time> number of minutes.
shutdown -h +1 shuts down the system in 1 minute.
shutdown -h hh:mm Schedules the system to shut down at hh:mm, where hh:mm is in a 24-hour clock format.
shutdown -h 13:30 shuts down the system at 1:30 pm.
shutdown -h +<time> This is a shutdown message. Schedules the system to shut down in <time> number of minutes, and sends the message: "This is a shutdown message" to all users, warning them of the impending shutdown.
shutdown -h +1 Shutting down in 1 minute shuts down the system in 1 minute and sends the message "Shutting down in 1 minute." to all users.
shutdown -r now Restarts the system. You can also run reboot to restart the system.
The above scheduling parameters (For example: +<time> Shutdown message) also work with shutdown -r.


See Update ER2.