Rackspace Cloud

Support for Rackspace services is currently limited to Cloud File Storage only.

To add Rackspace Cloud File Storage as a cloud Target:

  1. Get Rackspace API Key
  2. Add Credentials
  3. Add Target

Get Rackspace API Key

  1. Log into your Rackspace account.
  2. Click on your Username, and then click Account Settings.
    Expand dropdown box from Username and access Account Settings in the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel.
  3. In the Account Settings page, go to API Key and click Show.
    Show API Key in Rackspace Cloud Account Settings page.
  4. Write down your Rackspace account API Key.

Add Credentials

  1. In the main menu, click on No usernames or passwords.

    Click "No usernames or passwords" to add credentials for a Rackspace Cloud Target in the Data Recon dashboard.

  2. In the Search target credentials dialog box, click + Add and select Rackspace Cloud Files (HTTPS).
  3. Fill in the following fields:
    • Target location: Enter the Rackspace account name.
    • Username: Enter the Rackspace account name.
    • Password: Enter the API key obtained in Get Rackspace API Key.
  4. (Optional) Under Encrypt credentials enter a master password to encrypt stored credentials.

    Credentials are only saved if:
  5. Click Ok.

Add Target

  1. In the main menu, click on Search all local files.

    Click "Search all local files" to bring up "Search targets" dialog box to add an Rackspace Cloud Target in Card Recon.

  2. In the Search targets dialog box, click + Add and select Cloud Storage.

  3. Select Rackspace Cloud Files and click + to expand the selection.

  4. In the Add Rackspace Account Name field, enter the Rackspace account name.
  5. Press Enter to add the specified Rackspace Cloud Files as a Target.
  6. (Optional) Click + to expand the added Target and select specific objects to scan.
  7. Click Select and then Ok to finish adding the Rackspace Target.