Running the DATA RECON GUI

When the DATA RECON runs, it looks for these files in its directory:

  • datarecon.cfg: default DATA RECON configuration file.
  • <license-file-name>.li2: OFFLINE LICENSE FILE; DATA RECON looks for any file ending with .li2.

If it finds any of these files in the directory that the DATA RECON executable occupies, it will try to load them when the DATA RECON runs.


  1. Double-click on the DATA RECON executable (e.g. datarecon_gui_2.0.xx.exe) to run DATA RECON.
  2. In the DATA RECON login window, enter your Ground Labs Services Portal user name and password.
    Enter your user name and pass phrase in the Data Recon login window.
  3. From the Choose your project list, select your project and click Select.
    Choose your project and click "Select" in the Data Recon login window.

  4. On the dashboard, select the card data types to include in your scan. Data Recon dashboard displaying different data types such as cardholder data, national ID data and patient health data.
  5. (Optional) Click Search all local files to change the Target that you want to scan (the default Target is the host’s local storage). See Selecting Target Location for more information.
    Click on "Search all local files" to select the scan Target in the "Search Targets" dialog box.
  6. Click Search to start scanning.
    Click on "Search all local files" to select the scan Target in the "Search Targets" dialog box.

When you click Search, DATA RECON checks if you have valid licenses for the Targets that you wish to scan, and prompts you if you do not.

After a scan is completed, you can see the scan’s results. For details, see Results and Remediation.