DATA RECON can crawl the contents of a given website to search for sensitive data. DATA RECON can scan public-facing websites, intranets, and other web-based content that can be accessed via a HTTP or HTTPS URL.

To search a website:

  1. Locate the "Websites" tab in the "Add search locations" dialog.
  2. Enter the URL that you wish to scan.
  3. Click Select.

If you need credentials to access restricted parts of the website:

  1. Open the "Search target credentials" dialog.
  2. Click +Add and select the "Website (HTTPS)" or "Website (HTTP)" option, whichever is applicable.
  3. Enter your credentials. Click Ok to save your credentials.

DATA RECON allows you to modify your website searches.

Maximum Search Depth

The "maximum search depth" limits the link-depth that DATA RECON will search. Link-depth is the number of links or clicks a given web page is away from a given URL.

Setting a maximum search depth prevents DATA RECON from endlessly crawling links on the given website.

Follow External Website Links

Allows you to add external website links that the licensed domain links to, but does not reside in the licensed domain.