Enterprise Recon 2.10.0

Update ER2

Ground Labs does not guarantee support for non-standard installations of the Enterprise Recon Master Server. Any deviation from the instructions provided in this manual, and/or any modification made to the Master Server that may impact the functionality of Enterprise Recon is considered a non-standard installation, including (but not limited to):
  • Addition of any third party software (e.g. anti-virus software), libraries, and/or packages, and/or
  • Removal of any software, libaries, and/or packages included by default in the Enterprise Recon appliance.

Please refer to Ground Labs Technical Support Services for more information.

This section covers the following topics:


With each new release of ER2, you are recommended to:

  1. Create a backup of the Master Server.
  2. Update the Master Server to access new features and benefit from improvements made to the software.
  3. (Optional) Perform an Agent Upgrade if a feature available in an updated version of the Agent is required.

See the Release Notes for a list of available features for the current version of ER2.

Online Update


To perform an online upgrade of ER2, the Master Server needs to have access to the internet.

Update the Master Server

  1. Create a backup of the Master Server datastore.
  2. In the Master Server console, run as root:

    yum update

  3. Enter y to install available updates.
  4. Verify if restarting your system is required, and restart (if needed).

    # Check if a restart is required needs-restarting -r
    # If required, restart the system shutdown -r now

Offline Update

For ER2 Master Server on RHEL 8 (from RPM)

You must download the latest RPM package to update ER2 offline.

  1. Log in to Ground Labs Services Portal.
  2. From the Home tab, scroll down to the Enterprise Recon 2 > Enterprise Master RPM Package > RPM Package (EL8) section and look for version 2.10.0.
    Download ER2 RPM package in Ground Labs Services Portal.
  3. Click Download to download the Enterprise Recon RPM package file (er2-master-2.x-x-xxxx_xxxxxxxxxx.el8.x86_64.rpm).
  4. Transfer the downloaded ER2 RPM software package over to a destination directory in the Master Server.
  5. In the Master Server Console, stop ER2:

    /etc/init.d/er2-master stop

  6. Remove the old er2-master RPM package:

    rpm -e er2-master

  7. Install the newly downloaded ER2 RPM package:

    # Where '<directory>' is the full path of where the RPM package resides, # and '<RPM file>' is the RPM package to install. # Syntax: rpm -ivh <directory>/<RPM file> rpm -ivh /tmp/er2-master-2.x-x-xxxx_xxxxxxxxxx.el8.x86_64.rpm

  8. Restart ER2:

    /etc/init.d/er2-master start

For ER2 Master Server Appliance (from ISO)

From version 2.9.1, you can perform offline updates for the Enterprise Recon Master Server appliance that runs on an Oracle Linux 8 operating system. See Perform an Offline Update for Standard Installations of the ER2 Master Server Appliance (From ISO) or contact the Ground Labs Support Team.

Downgrade ER2

Version downgrades are not supported for the Enterprise Recon Master Server as certain features, data sets, storage formats and / or components in newer versions of Enterprise Recon may not be backward compatible. Downgrading a newer version of the Master Server datastore to an earlier version of Enterprise Recon may leave the system in an undesired state.