Enterprise Recon 2.6.0

API Framework

PII PRO This feature is only available in Enterprise Recon PII and Enterprise Recon Pro Editions. To find out more about upgrading your ER2 license, please contact Ground Labs Licensing. See Subscription License for more information.

Enterprise Recon PII and PRO are shipped with a comprehensive RESTful API framework that provides direct access to key resources and data sets in the Master Server, giving you the flexibility to transform how your organization interacts with ER2.

Using the ER2 API, you can generate custom reports that display scan results to suit your organization's specific requirements, or retrieve detailed information on match locations to perform custom remediation actions on non-compliant Targets. Business as usual (BAU) compliance processes can also be automated. For example, develop a script to easily add thousands of Targets to the Master Server via the API, or export weekly activity logs to monitor Master Server events.

To get started on your Enterprise Recon API journey, check out the ER2 API Documentation.